Lathouwers has been one of our very best specialists in the potato sector for many years. Both our own cultivation and on behalf of others, as well as the constant search for the best and most sought-after products in all the cultivation markets of nearby Europe, require the greatest attention and constant care, day after day.

After all, customer satisfaction is at the top of Lathouwers' priority list.Through personal contacts and market research, we keep our finger on the pulse of the expectations and wishes of today's consumers. As an expert, Lathouwers is a preferred supplier of major retailers. Convenience and packaging, together with quality, are the absolute core values. Market and customer requirements drive Lathouwers to expand its range and diversity.

Potato packaging

  • Bag 25 kg
  • Crate 10 kg
  • Bags 5 kg Deli'Dor
  • Other potato packaging by weight of choice