Chicory, the absolute gems of our country. It has brought fame and recognition to our agricultural products throughout the world.

Good chicory, the best chicory is Lathouwers' absolute aim.

Providing customers with exactly what they want is what we pursue on a daily basis.

Intense contacts with the growers, the market and the buyers are therefore the cornerstones of the company from the golden triangle of the best chicory.

Both the authentic soil chicory and the hydro chicory are offered in various packages and presentations.

Exactly according to the customer's wishes.


Chicory packaging

A distinction is made here between chicory grown according to hydroponic or traditional methods.

The chicory in each package has its own quality characteristics and is packed according to standards laid down in the specifications.

  • Box of 2.5 kg and 5 kg soil chicory
  • Box of 2.5 kg and 5 kg hydro chicory
  • Bag of 1 kg hydro chicory
  • Bag of 500 g soil chicory
  • Bag of 500 g hydro chicory
  • Bulk chicory 5 kg
  • Bulk chicory 10 kg
  • Calibrated chicory

All types of chicory by size and weight.